Akaya Tekstil is a leading textile and export company in Istanbul/Europe. Leveraging over 21 years of fashion sourcing, we drive our business with innovation, technology and creativity. We are committed to operational excellence, design and innovation, to create better efficiency and create value for our customers.

We offer a customised and tailored system that vertically integrates all phases of the production process, from the design of the fabric to the manufacture of the garment.


Our goal is to give the best possible service to our customers.
Our vision is to constantly pursue new ways of working to deliver value to our customers.

Thanks to our market knowledge, 21 years experience, and adaptation of new technologies, we constantly serve our customers to respond quickly to evolving market, production trends and consumer preferences.

We explore and reach the best players in the supply chain.

Our business concept is manufacturing fashion at best quality and at best price for our customers .

We believe constant improvement and innovation. We try to create an ecosystem to enact change in the supply chain for the benefit of our customers and business partners.


Naturally the individual product is the most important element, whether it is a men’s shirt or a lace sock. But in many cases, Private Label is about much more than the actual product, the design and the packaging!

We can offer to handle the entire Private Label process for you. Parameters such as sourcing and financing; process and stock management; quality control, production quantities and delivery speed are just some of the areas we have extensive experience with.