Our Strategy

We reach our goal by following our three guiding principles: innovation/creativity, sustainability, digitization. We create bespoke, end to end manufacturing and logistic solutions for our customers. Speed, agility, flexibility, transparency, traceability and close relations with our vendors sets us apart in our industry. We connect hundreds of suppliers and vendors as well as leading brands in order to meet customer demand. From product design and development, compliance to raw material and factory sourcing, manufacturing control, logistics and more, we offer end to end services to all our customers.

Speed and Agility

We aim to decrease lead times and increase speed to market for our customers. We are aiming to become more agile by using latest technologies, simplifying processes and adopting new ways of working with our customers and partners.

Innovation & Creativity

Innovation is embedded in to our product and services as well as new business models, amplifying our way of working with our customers and our partners. We are open to innovation and collaboration in every aspect of our business.
Through supplier collaborations and technology partnerships we are developing new solutions to meet our customers needs.
We are open innovation, collaborate with vendors who have the capabilities, knowledge and platforms to help. We are empowering innovation among our people and trying to create flexible promote to sharing, flat structure for all our colleagues across all our network.


We have embedded digitization as a tool that can diversify us from our competitors. Digitization could enable the apparel sector to achieve a step change in performance, transform to a customer centric operating model, and create transparency throughout the supply chain.

We believe digitization will support us in improving predictability, efficiency, decision making, and accuracy.