Our Values

At Akaya Textile we believe in living our values: integrity,respect, trust, inclusiveness. That means cultivating an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and a sense of belonging.
We believe trust and integrity is essential to foster loyalty and team work. We care our people, our business partners and communities to create sustainable business environment.

We are a one team
Our talented and dedicated team shares a commitment to build on our strengths, live by our values more than 21 years
We encourage our people to be effective advocates for the causes they care about – whether it’s using local sources responsibly, women’s rights and equality, or climate change
We encourage to help each other, share our knowledge and experience to become a great team.

Entrepreneurial mindset

We believe acting like entrepreneurs, we’ll be set apart in the sourcing business. Our success is built on creativity, innovation, agility.
Today, we still work hard to continue to be our customer’s first choice . With the same entrepreneur spirit we continue to support our customers, suppliers, industry and community to grow where we work and live.

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