Our talented product development and design team pursue innovative ideas and show quick response to global fashion trends. Excellent collaborative relationships with our branded partners ensure successful development of new ideas and concepts.


Fabrics are selected from the finest international mills, and dynamic product assortments are created to best reflect the personality of each individual brand in our portfolio.

Using state-of-the-art technology, our merchandise and design teams ensure consistency of presentation, superior garment construction and customized fits. With our in-house graphic design capabilities, vital concept ideas are translated into exciting label and packaging elements used on our products as well as in consumer marketing material.

At Akaya Textile we have considerable product know-how. To put it simply, we are material specialists who have been working with design, materials, techniques and product development since 2001. There is a clear line between design and production in our company. Our design department is made up of trained designers and engineers, who work closely with the purchasing and production department.

This means that we consider all the high quality requirements both we and the customers have for the product from the earliest stages of the design process. It also assures us that the result we hope to realise is actually possible. We are also innovative. Through our sourcing department, we are continuously finding new suppliers around the world able to do new and different things. This continually provides new opportunities for product development.